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The Software for Professional Wedding and Event Planners!

Wedding Management for Professionals Software was created with ease of use in mind.  Simply install the software, click the Wedding Information button, and start entering the details of your first wedding or event!  It is just that easy.

We also have FREE customer support!

In the current "I have an App for that" world many people think they can run their entire life/business from their smart phone.  There are still a few things that you need an actual computer for!  If you are serious about your business, and you are serious about providing the best possible service for your clients, you need real, professional, software, not an App.

Wedding Management for Professionals is not an "App", it is serious professional software, and it will keep you organized, impress your clients, and make your job easier.  

Our software is also not "web based".  We believe that YOU should control your important client information.  Web based software sounds like a perfect solution - access your information anywhere - but what happens if the website is down, the company maintaining the website goes out of business, or you are not in an area where you can access the internet?  Our software installs on your computer, where it is safe, reliable and alway ready to help you do your job.  Need to be able to access your information while you are out and about?  Easy, use your iPad, laptop, Kindle Fire, etc. and FREE software to use your computer remotely.

Have a question?  Need some specific information about our software?  Please give us a call, or send us an e-mail - we are always happy to help you.

Jean Picard Wedding Consulting
"I don't know of any wedding management software that is better, more comprehensive or more user-friendly that this.  And the level of customer service that Murphys Creatvity Software provides is without equal.  Being organized is essential in this business, and this is a terrific way to stay organized and make the best use of our time."
Jean Picard, Master Bridal Consultant
California State Coordinator
Association of Bridal Consultants
Jean Picard Wedding Consulting
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